Karen PohlmanDirector of Business Operations and Development

    As Director of Business Operations and Development for Trinity Project, Karen Pohlman handles overseeing the day-to-day activities of the firm and the alignment of its resources, expertise and capabilities with the evolving needs of clients.

    Pohlman’s accomplishments range from planning and facilitating complex methodology development and evaluation for government, to budgeting and capital planning processes for non-profit organizations and advancing change management and organizational development throughout the largest health system in Western Massachusetts. She has a strong background working throughout industry sectors, specifically cross-sections of government, law enforcement, technology, health and the public.

    Before joining the Trinity Project team, Pohlman was in the health care sector for over 20 years, working both in direct patient care as well as management. Pohlman also travelled with diverse teams that served to create and support capacity building infrastructure for third world countries. During her health care career, Pohlman was widely recognized for her expertise in designing innovative strategies that impacted population health.

    Pohlman earned her first bachelor’s degree in Art, from the College of Wooster. She graduated summa cum laude with a second bachelor’s degree and subsequent Master’s degree in Nursing from University of Massachusetts. Pohlman earned her LEAP (leadership, effectiveness & potential) certificate through Pioneer Valley’s Leadership Development Program.