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The Counter-Criminal Continuum (C3) is a proprietary law enforcement strategy that is comprehensive, adaptive and scalable. Our whole-of-community approach while simultaneously, addressing the root causes of crime, empowers local citizens and patrol officers to build healthier and safer communities together.

Criminal street gangs, drug networks, and the various crimes attached to these criminal enterprises are not resolved or disrupted, simply by making arrests; with C3 Policing, criminal actors become ineffective under multiple pressure points that separate them from their cause and support. C3 Policing’s transformative approach builds legitimacy and trust between law enforcement and the local population. Whereby the citizens become the greatest resource in changing their environment. This change in the community environment, becomes inhospitable for criminal gangs and drug networks to thrive or prey on the local community. We start street by street, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, and lives are transformed. Join us! Together we can build a healthier and safer community.

What Makes Us Different:

1. How we Engage and Unify the local population
2. How we Gather and Utilize intelligence
3. How we Unify and Direct resources


C3 Policing

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  • Your team’s use of counter insurgency (COIN) tactics on gangs here in the US is fascinating. As proven combat veterans, your team brought the experience and knowledge necessary to create such a forward-leaning and cutting-edge program.

    FBI Safe Streets and Gang Unit Criminal Investigative Division
  • I took note that Cutone and Sarrouf are with 19th Special Forces Group and represented the ethos of Special Forces. They translated their experience in Iraq to inform domestic policing operations.

    John F. Muholland Lieutenant General, U.S. Army Deputy Commander, United State Special Operations Command
  • I have personally witnessed C3 methods having strategic impact with Central American countries combating gangs. The C3 methodology is receiving international attention and has been personally briefed to me while a member of the National Security Council.

    George Selim Director for Community Partnerships, National Security Council, The White House
  • The transformation of the neighborhood has been incredible. Violence is down, and a sense of community and trust has increased. For the first time in years, new homes are being built in the North End and people are eager to buy them. That's a big difference from 2009 when nobody wanted to live in the North End.

    Jose Claudio Director of Community Development, New North Citizens Council, Inc.
  • In my 40 years as sheriff, the C3 program is the finest initiative that has occurred because it elicits trust.

    Michael Ashe Sheriff (Ret), Hampden County
  • The department's C3 anti-gang and community policing unit won compliments for communication with residents and attentiveness to community concerns.

    Anthony Gulluni Hampden County District Attorney
  • ...The C3 community policing initiative has been a gold standard for communities around the state and I have been a steadfast supporter of the C3 policing efforts.

    Eric Lesser Massachusetts State Senator
  • '' The C-3 Policing Initiative is truly a grassroots partnership of mutual respect and accountability between our public safety officials, our residents, and our business community.  Our brave and dedicated men and women in blue and just as important, our community of Springfield coming together as one. It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish when we are in IT together.''

    Dominic Sarno Mayor, Springfield, MA.

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Our goal is a safer, healthier community for all. Our methods and resources detect, disrupt and dismantle criminal activity.  Safer neighborhoods are a better place for people to live. We can help your community. Get in touch and we’ll get started today.