Trinity Project, is a multi-faceted consulting and training service designed to provide our customer a different perspective in handling complex problems. What is your priority? How can we help you transform your organization?

Trinity Project’s staff brings the best of lessons learned from decades of experience in law enforcement and the military to apply to your organization’s unique challenges. Our consulting and training model provides our customers with new tools to transform their organizational needs from its current state into its desired future. Allow our subject matter experts in C3 Policing, Leadership, Planning/Decision Making and Design Methodology help your organization navigate and resolve your unique problems and challenges. Trinity Project recognizes there are no cookie cutter solutions, so our approach is different, maximizing innovation and results over static processes. We strive to deliver expert advice and training that meets our customers’ goals and we look forward to working together for your better tomorrow.

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We Can See Space Differently
And We Want To Teach You How

Consulting and Training Services Offered

Consulting and training modules are specifically tailored to meet your required needs, goals and objectives.

C3 Policing

The C3 Policing training courses are designed for both law enforcement and community organizations to master the basics of the C3 Policing Strategy and how it  differs from the traditional law enforcement approach to countering crime. We also teach C3 Policing strategy development and implementation with our instructors available to provide mentoring and feedback throughout the implementation phase. Our services also provide long term reach back from experts with the knowledge and experience to assist at every step of the way.

  • Assessing the Operational Area
  • Principles of the C3 Policing Strategy
  • C3 Building Blocks and Its Application
  • Engaging and Mobilizing the Community
  • Information vs Intelligence Cycle
  • C3 Officer Selection and Training
  • C3 Policing Strategy Development (suited to your needs)
  • Integrated Multi-Domain Operations (Politics, Justice, Business, Social Services)

Leadership Workshops

Trinity Project’s leadership training incorporates lectures and practical exercises that are based on years of experience leading people at the tactical, operational and strategic level. Our methods are not conjecture or simple theory, but proven and dynamic leadership principles applied by our staff in the most adverse situations. Our leadership training is suited for any type of organization that wants to gain the most from their most valued asset, their people.

Ten Principles of Leadership

• Leadership vs Management
• The ten principles and how to apply
• Definition of Leadership
• Mission and People First
• Formal vs Informal Leadership
• Importance of Mentorship

Intro to Critical Thinking

• What is Critical Thinking
• How we process information
• Analytic vs Creative
• What is framing & why is it important?
• 360° Analysis
• Innovation

The Art of Planning

• The planning skill set is intertwined with exceptional leadership
• Effective leaders understand the planning sequence and how to implement
• Five key elements to an operational plan
• What is the planning sequence
• How to involve your staff into the planning process
• Achieve genuine buy-in

Class Feedback:

“Should dedicate multiple days to this block of instruction. Excellent course, should be mandatory for all police officers”.

“I learned a lot that will definitely help me throughout this career and am glad they are now teaching this class in the academy. I would take this class again.”

“One of the most impressive individuals I’ve ever met. His love of teaching and passion for the subject was extraordinary and the most effective class I’ve had at the academy.”

“Great class with instructors who were very knowledgeable. They did an awesome job of interacting with the class, keeping us focused and interested. They both used their many years of experience to teach us on a very important topic.”

Analysis, Planning, Decision-Making and Operations

Trinity Project’s staff has extensive experience in the areas of intelligence and problem analysis, planning and decision making and how those processes go from conception into executable plans. However, we don’t stop in the classroom, we provide the following practical exercises.

  • Problem Analysis Workshops
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment
  • The 7-Step Decision Making Process
  • How to Prepare and Conduct a Presentation
  • Orders Production Writing Workshops
  • Fundamentals of an Effective Staff

Design Methodology

The Trinity Project teaches and utilizes the principles of Design Thinking to help our customers realize the possibility of a future for their organization that does not exist yet. By actively teaching Design Thinking and its methodology to our customers, we transfer divergent and innovative thinking that can be self-replicating internally for any organization to tackle their future complex problems.

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • The Difference Between Design and other Planning Processes
  • When to Apply Design vs Other Planning Processes
  • Innovative Laboratory Workshops
    • We teach workshops on how to leverage existing talent and resources both in and outside your organization that can contribute to your goals and objectives.
  • Upstream Thinking Workshops
    • Thinking divergently and approaching problems with an open mind takes learning, skill and practice. Our proven exercises will guide you to upstream thinking.
  • Picking Up New Tools Workshops
    • Organizations over time become stagnant, complacent and reliant on technology or the “we have always done it this way” mentality. We will teach you to drop the old tools that are your obstacles of advancement for new tools that will transform your future.

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