C3 Policing

A Proven, Tested, Replicated, Successful Community Based Policing Model

C3 Policing was created by Michael M. Cutone, a retired 21-year veteran of the Massachusetts State Police. The majority of his career encompassed working in high crime areas and neighborhoods. Following an essential engagement with a local citizen, Mike realized that law enforcement could do better. We needed to understand community problems through the lens of the community. The birth of C3 Policing took place.

Where Community Transformation begins.

One Child, One Family, One neighborhood at a time.

C3 Policing is a community based policing model that is scalable and adaptable to the community needs. The essence of C3 Policing is building legitimacy with local citizens and establishing core building blocks with local citizens. The local community is our greatest resource within the C3 policing model. The C3 officers are handpicked, vetted through a demanding selection process, and subsequently receive specialized world-class training.

The C3 officer becomes part of the fabric of the community through our unique training in the areas of; leadership, long term planning, community outreach, team building, identifying root causes of complex problems as well as building credible solutions. This type of training program is the culmination of 30 yrs of specialized training and overseas experience. NO law enforcement agency currently receives this type of unique training skill set in the world. Trinity Project pioneered it and created it. C3 trained officers understand their most valuable resource is the community. We accomplished a true partnership by, with, and through the community. Let us help you build a healthier partnership and communities.

Our Core Principles

  1. Legitimacy is crucial to achieving our goals
  2. You must understand the environment (the ground truth)
  3. Unity of effort is essential
  4. Intelligence drives operations
  5. Prepare for a long-term commitment
  6. Local factors are primary
  7. Security under the rule of law
  8. Gangs and drug dealers must be separated from their cause and support

Our proprietary C3 methods form the key building blocks that transform a community.  These building blocks create healthier neighborhoods and provide hope where there is despair. Our weekly C3 community meeting becomes a hub of innovation and community partnership. We identify root causes of crime and apply existing resources to executing a step by step crime reduction strategy. C3 officers partner with local citizens, implementing the eight building blocks that provide the necessary leverage to win back the community. C3 Policing is transformative while Community Policing is transactional. C3 Policing shapes the environment and builds legitimacy for long term results.  Our results speak for themselves. Join us, a healthier community awaits you!

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